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The idea is to know and deepen the proposed subject during the workshop, experiencing and tasting the Internal Journey course. 


Lectures and workshops of up to 4 hours.

Workshop of up to 8 hours.

Expanded Experience - 3 to 10 days of immersion.


  • Meditation - building the foundation of practice;

  • Upanisads writings’ studies;

  • Healthy Dialogues - For a peaceful coexistence;

  • Yoga and Ayurveda - for a balanced life;

  • Developing empathetic listening and speaking;

  • Self-management techniques;

  • Experiences on self-knowledge traveling;

  • Well-being circles;

  • Yoga - a respectful and gentle practice.



The workshop public varies with its format. For lectures and keynotes, the curious. For classes, people interested in a specific subject (no previous degree, but versed on it). For the expanded experience, people looking to experience self-knowledge teachings and techniques.


Considering the wide range of subjects, the benefits vary and will be described in the custom proposals. 

I signed for the course seeking references that would contribute to my career and ended up finding education for my whole life.
Renata Andrade Inês
Healthy Dialogues Workshop at SESC Bom Retiro, September 2016
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