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That’s the work and inspiration of Renata Mendes, international speaker, self-knowledge specialist and social entrepreneur. 
Student of the Vedas (ancient body of self-knowledge), Renata travels every year to India seeking to expand and improve her knowledge. Awarded "Woman of the Decade in Community Leadership and Social Change" at Woman Economic Forum, she brings this knowledge to put into action in life.

Because of this Renata created Actveda - a business with a social impact with the mission to make self-knowledge accessible for all to peace building. It's a concrete possibility of forming a network of individuals with the same goals. 

Through classes and keynotes in Brazil, India, Kenya and the United States, Actveda fortifies individuals and groups in their personal searches and promotes the alignment of intent and action.

Actveda is the concrete proof that we can be happy with what we’ve got. Completing our mission. Doing what has to be done. Happiness isn’t somewhere far away from us. The peace and happiness we seek are what we are. We just didn’t realize it yet...


Act to change.

Act to transform.


We believe in people’s power.

Each individual has its unique and indispensable talent to the world.

Being different is good and essential to human survival. 


We believe in transformation of understanding and not people. 

The common thread between the day we are born and the day we die is us.

Why we never stop to know who we are? Body, mind, and emotions change.

Well-being is being well with yourself, accepting who you are.

Well-being is as essential as feeling safe and protected.



It is appreciating that everything can change in an instant.

Pause is the rhythm of life.


Acting with knowledge is putting theory into practice. To live, experiencing how the information applies to ourselves. 

Acting with knowledge is switching from consuming life to contributing and honoring the life within ourselves and all around us. 

Acting with knowledge is knowing we are responsible for our choices, because we have choices. 

Acting with knowledge is living conscious of every second, every moment. 

Acting with knowledge is understanding that what matters is who you are and not what you do. 


You matter. 


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