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How about accompanying Renata on non-touristic self-knowledge travels, to common places with uncommon experiences? That’s Travel With Soul, a search for growth and self-knowledge around the world, in inhospitable places,  exchanging cultures, world visions, and stories, recognizing the common humanity within us all. Through this project, Renata shares her own searches during the trips, with motivational photos. Actveda helps to develop personalized itineraries and organize inspiring retreats. Moreover, you can follow Renata’s journey through her travels on the Instagram feed below @viajecomalma.


  • New way of experiencing life;

  • Experience spirituality on its original place;

  • Transformation;

  • Learning for life;

  • Life investment;

  • Learning to deal with the unexpected; 

  • Greater enjoyment of traveling based on the facilitator’s experience;

  • Security;

  • Changing on places and own perspective;

  • New-found appreciation of beauty.

Travel With Soul


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