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The goal here is to bring a humanistic and interpersonal view to companies and individuals seeking to improve their professional relationships without distancing themselves from the connection of proposition and action.


The idea is to provide a different and authentic approach to the businesses of social entrepreneurs, well-being centers, schools and training centers, well-being professionals, and organizations seeking well-being for their teams. 


  • Business ownership that reflects your soul;

  • Greater consistency between intention and action;

  • Catalysis between individual and idea;

  • Sharpen the view on the Well-being market;

  • Innovation;

  • Unique identity for the company;

  • Aligned visions;

  • Healthy dialogues;

  • Greater satisfaction in professional relationships. 

Using storytelling, the Well-being Consultation aligns the company’s purpose to the idea, rewriting structures and processes with the help of design-thinking techniques and the values of Yoga. Yet, the Well-being Consultation creates both the professional and personal path (Where I am and where I’ll go), thus integrating personal satisfaction to the rest of life’s foundations.

Well-Being Consultation


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