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The goal is to make meditation tangible. To help build a daily and enjoyable practice, demystifying it. The sessions are for untrained individuals or practitioners seeking to acquire knowledge for future individual practices, as well as people in uncomfortable situations (stress, anxiety, life transitions, and illnesses).


In this case, the goal is to understand meditation and to apply it for daily use, tailoring to his or her needs. Made for individuals interested in meditation, or people with high levels of stress and anxiety. Moreover, people with illnesses or recommended by a doctor, and people who want to learn about meditation in a short period of time. 



  • Stress reduction;

  • Anxiety reduction;

  • Blood pressure reduction;

  • Better breathing control;

  • Greater autonomy with ownership;

  • Producing mind plasticity;

  • Increasing sleep quality;

  • Amplifying self-knowledge;

  • Well-being sensation;

  • Changing your attitude towards challenges.


This course completely changed my perspective on my mind and my life. The teacher is well versed, with deep theoretical and practical knowledge. Her teaching skills transform complex and ambiguous concepts into simple and practical lessons. To have access to millenarian techniques (self-knowledge, recognition, breathing, mind and emotional control) in a modern fashion is a fundamental step towards achieving plenitude. Everyone should have this experience.
Participant's Testimonial from the August 2016 course.
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